50 Cleo Wade Quotes About Love

50 Cleo Wade Quotes About Love

These Cleo Wade quotes about love will inspire you to love yourself and others deeper and live a more meaningful life.

Artist, poet, social media influencer, and best selling author, Cleo Wade uses her platform to spread more love and kindness to the world. She is known for her best selling book, Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life, a book used to inspire and motivate people of all ages.

Wade has had several public art installations showcasing her poetry, including a 25-foot love poem in New Orleans titled, Respect, and a permanent work titled, She, which she collaborated with graffiti artist, Brandon Odums, to complete.

We hope you are inspired by this collection of Cleo Wade quotes.

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Cleo Wade quotes from Heart Talk and other works

1. “Self-love: it costs nothing and you gain everything.” — Cleo Wade

Everyday Application: The acts of self-love themselves cost nothing. Positive-affirmations, positive self-talk, following through on the things you say, and being aware of who you are, just requires a shift in mindset. These changes will open up parts of you that you didn’t know existed, and create more opportunities than you ever thought possible.

2. “One of the most radical things you could ever do is to decide to really and truly get to know yourself. That’s all.” — Cleo Wade

Everyday Application: Be radical, wild, and crazy, and go on the journey of self-discovery. Learn why you think the way you do. Become familiar with why you react the way you do. Understand why you speak to yourself in a certain way. Figure out what you want, who you are, and what you believe. Your life will be transformed.

3. “Let go of shame. It will not add a single simple, dollar, or minute to your life.” — Cleo Wade

Everyday Application: Shame does not increase the value of your life in anyway. Be accountable for your actions, learn a lesson, and move forward. Do not wallow in shame and get stuck there.

4. “Clean out your thoughts — they have the power to cover your entire life in dirt.” — Cleo Wade

Everyday Application: Thoughts are powerful! They lead to our behaviors, actions, and habits. They will eventually become what you believe. Make sure your thoughts are conducive to the life you want to live!

5. “Be the type of love you deserve, if for no other reason but to show us all how it’s done.” — Cleo Wade

Everyday Application: When you love yourself, you just shine brighter. People are attracted to your confidence and energy. It changes your life and your relationship with others, when you truly love yourself.

6. “We give to those around us best when we do not run on empty.” — Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade quotes about mindset

7. “When I have really bad anxiety, I have this mantra I say to myself every time: ‘I’m struggling, and this is not you. It is something moving through you.’ I just say it over and over again.” — Cleo Wade

8. “We can’t help what comes up, but we have so much control over how we direct what comes up. If we direct it in a way so it leaves through the door it came in, then we can return to ourselves.” — Cleo Wade

9. “It’s so important for me to feel calm and steady before I move through [the world].” — Cleo Wade

10. “I’m the person who needs to make a tea in the morning and just sit with my ideas, skim the news if I want to.” — Cleo Wade

11. “Morning rituals are so important because we really harness the energy we want for the rest of the day and replenish and feed ourselves.” — Cleo Wade

12. “When you have moments to yourself, you can say to yourself, ‘I want to work on being more patient. I want to work on being more loving. I want to work on having stronger nonviolent communication with the people who are important to me.’ I think that’s such an amazing time for choosing who you want to be that day.” — Cleo Wade

13. “Our thoughts become our energy, our energy become our words, our words become our actions.” — Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade quotes about love

14. “I am really into your crazy.” — Cleo Wade

15. “And if you want love… the really good kind… you are going to have to get your hands dirty.” — Cleo Wade

16. “What could be more than us, you and me, a thing so complete.” — Cleo Wade

17. “Fall in love a little and if you are feeling very brave… fall in love a whole fucking lot.” — Cleo Wade

18. “You want to fall in love? Lose your fear. You want to stay in love? Lose your ego.” — Cleo Wade

19. “I love. I’m a lover. (No apologies there).” — Cleo Wade

20. “You are my fish in the sea.” — Cleo Wade

21. “You and me. So complete.” — Cleo Wade

22. “You make me feel all of my feelings.” — Cleo Wade

23. “Baby, you are completely insane and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” — Cleo Wade

24. “Love: the thing that has no fear or anxiety.” — Cleo Wade

25. “The perks of being me? Loving you.” — Cleo Wade

26. “You and me. There is nothing like us, huh.” — Cleo Wade

27. “The magic of you overwhelms me. That’s all.” — Cleo Wade

28. “The mind tells you this river has no bottom, the heart tells you we can put a bridge here.” — Cleo Wade

Inspirational Cleo Wade quotes

29. “Don’t be the reason someone feels insecure. Be the reason someone feels seen, heard, and supported by the whole universe.” — Cleo Wade

30. “The ego says: “I’m still pissed about yesterday”. The spirit says: “New day, new attitude.” — Cleo Wade

31. “Just a friendly reminder — no one has got it all totally figured out.” — Cleo Wade

32. “Heartbreak offers us some of our best life lessons if we are open to learning through the pain.” — Cleo Wade

33. “Home: the place where your exhale feels best.” — Cleo Wade

34. “And sometimes you have to be the light you want the ones you love to shine in.” — Cleo Wade

35. “And sometimes you have to be the light you want the ones you love to shin in.” — Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade quotes about changing the world

36. “Having hope and belief that we can change the world is where everything starts because when you embody that energy, that’s when we start to see real shifts, even if the shifts are just in conversation.” — Cleo Wade

37. “Take a step back and remember that changing the world doesn’t just look one way, and it can vary from day to day.” — Cleo Wade

38. “Just because you know that you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you can’t do something.” — Cleo Wade

39. “There’s something you can do every day, whether that just means smiling at your neighbor and really asking them how they’re doing and listening, whether that is the day you wanted to give $20 to this organization or that one or the day you researched and found where you could spend your time, or the day that you apologized to someone and gave them and yourself that healing experience.” — Cleo Wade

40. “I decided that I would live really deliberately with how I behaved with other people.” — Cleo Wade

More Cleo Wade quotes and sayings

41. “Don’t let judgment be the thing that keeps you warm at night, compassion will do a much better job at that.” — Cleo Wade

42. “If you are grateful for where you are, you gotta respect the road that got you there.” — Cleo Wade

43. “There is not a single conversation that kindness cannot make infinitely better.” — Cleo Wade

44. “Find your joy and let it run your life.” — Cleo Wade

45. “And the best news of all is that it is never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.” — Cleo Wade

46. “If you want to feel empowered by all of your decisions, you can’t just calculate your risks. You have to fully and totally accept your risks as well.” — Cleo Wade

47. “May all of your vibes say: I got this.” — Cleo Wade

48. “Maybe don’t do things the way you have always done them simply because that is the way you have always done them.” — Cleo Wade

49. “Your life experiences are only as valuable as your ability to turn them into life lessons.” — Cleo Wade

50. “Greatness comes from applying your work ethic to not only what you do but also to where you live. Your home. Your family. Your community. Your world.” — Cleo Wade

Do you love deliberately?

Cleo Wade is changing the world, one poem at a time. Through her books, her social media platforms, and her giant works of poetic art, she is inspiring the world to love deeper and more deliberately.

Be the reason someone smiles today. Give out compliments like they’re candy. Being kind will cost you nothing, but it will mean the world to someone else.

And don’t forget to love yourself while you’re at it. The best way you can help the world is to help yourself first. Cleo Wade says it best, “we give to those around us best when we do not run on empty.”

Did you enjoy these Cleo Wade quotes and sayings? Which quote was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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