50 30 Rock Quotes from the Award Winning Comedy Series

50 30 Rock Quotes from the Award Winning Comedy Series

Sit back and laugh with these 30 Rock quotes.

30 Rock is a TV comedy series that was a huge hit from 2006 to 2013. It is a satirical sitcom named after 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City where the NBC Studios are located.

Almost all of the episode was filmed using a single camera setup, which gives a unique vibe and identity to the show.

This series uses surreal humor to throw shade and parody to the complex corporate structure of NBC and General Electric.

It uses a progressive delivery of humor similar to the manic pacing of cartoons, which sits well with the general audience.

These 30 Rock quotes will surely bring back memories of your favorite episodes.

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30 Rock quotes from Jack

1. “Never follow a hippie to a second location.” — Jack

2. “I have to talk to Rachel Maddow. Only one of us can have this haircut.” — Jack

3. “TGS with Tracy Jordan without Tracy Jordan is an oxymoron, like ‘liberal government’ or ‘female scientist.’” — Jack

4. “Lemon, you look terrible, and I once watched you eat oysters while you had a cold.” — Jack

5. “Good God, Lemon, your breath! When did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?” — Jack

6. “I like when a woman has ambition. It’s like seeing a dog wearing clothes.” — Jack

7. “Factories provide three things this country desperately needs: jobs, pride, and material for Bruce Springsteen songs.” — Jack

8. “Good God! Lemon, those jeans make you look like a Mexican sports reporter!” — Jack

9. “Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.” — Jack

10. “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?” — Jack

11. “Lemon, I would like to teach you something. I would like to be Michelle Pfeiffer to your angry black kid who learns that poetry is just another way to rap.” — Jack

12. “I’m not a creative type like you, with your work sneakers and left-handedness.” — Jack

13. “Lemon, women your age are more likely to get mauled at the zoo than get married.” — Jack

14. “Lemon, what happened? Did you take an Ambien with your Franzia and sleepwalk here?” — Jack

15. “Rich 50 is middle-class 38.” — Jack

16. “I give you a simple management suggestion in a professional context, and I get back the second half of a Judy Blume novel.” — Jack

30 Rock quotes from Tracy

17. “Tell her you want her to donate her body to science and you’re science. Tell her, Jack!” — Tracy

18. “A book hasn’t caused me this much trouble since Where’s Waldo went to that barber pole factory.” — Tracy

19. “Affirmative action was designed to keep women and minorities in competition with each other to distract us while white dudes inject AIDS into our chicken nuggets.” — Tracy

20. “So, here’s some advice I wish I woulda got when I was your age: Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” —Tracy

21. “I believe that the moon does not exist. I believe that vampires are the world’s greatest golfers but their curse is they never get a chance to prove it. I believe that there are 31 letters in the white alphabet. Wait… what was the question?” — Tracy

22. “Stop eating people’s old French fries, pigeon! Have some self-respect! Don’t you know you can fly?” — Tracy

23. “I do not want to disappoint our Japanese public, especially Godzilla. Hahaha! I’m just kidding, I know he doesn’t care what humans do.” — Tracy

24. “You’re wise, Liz Lemon. Like a genetically-manipulated shark.” — Tracy

25. “Which one is the elevator I’m not afraid of?” — Tracy

26. “I know it’s a girl, Liz Lemon, because I yelled out “Susan B. Anthony” at the moment of conception.” — Tracy

30 Rock quotes from Liz

27. “I did Big Sister in college. That little girl taught me how to use tampons.” — Liz

28. “I’m sorry I’m a real woman and not some oversexed New York nympho like those sluts on Everybody Loves Raymond” — Liz

29. “Ugh, I hate January. It’s dark and freezing and everyone’s wearing bulky coats, so you can do some serious subway flirting before you realize the guy is homeless.” — Liz

30. “No, Tracy took advantage of my white guilt, which is supposed to be used only for good, like over-tipping and supporting Barack Obama.” — Liz

31. “Jack Donaghy is gonna kill me and then he’s gonna kill you and then he’s gonna fold us up in a pizza and eat us.” — Liz

32. “I don”t have any money if that’s what you’re after. And I”m not one of those girls that does weird stuff in bed because they think they have to. If you”re a gay guy looking for a beard, I don”t do that anymore. And if you’re trying to harvest my organs and sell them, I have an uncle who’s a cop so don”t even try it.” — Liz

33. “If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t keep people with no shame down.” — Liz

34. “Hey, nerds! Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi.” — Liz

35. “I wolfed my Teamster sub for you!” — Liz

36. “I got rid of all my Colin Firth movies in case they consider it erotica.” — Liz

37. “One time I laughed at a blind guy eating spaghetti! Sometimes I pee in the shower if I’m really tired! I saw my grandparents making love once and I didn’t leave right away!” — Liz

38. “I really don’t think it”s fair for me to be on a jury since I’m a hologram.” — Liz

39. “Lizzing is a combination of laughing and whizzing.” — Liz

40. “In my experience, ‘let’s think about it’ usually ends up as me watching Solid Gold in my basement on prom night.” — Liz

41. “My mom used to send me articles about how older virgins are considered good luck in Mexico.” — Liz

30 Rock quotes from Kenneth

42. “Science is my most favorite subject, especially the Old Testament” — Kenneth

43. “Miss Lemon, your eyes look like my uncle”s after he would drink from the air conditioner.” — Kenneth

44. “I don’t drink hot liquids of any kind. That’s the Devil”s temperature!” — Kenneth

45. “I wouldn’t have this job if it wasn”t for the mouth in my back.” — Kenneth

46. “But why would you want to cut your hair? You look exactly as I imagine Mary Magdalene to be.” — Kenneth

47. “Yes, the rest of us talked about it last night at Finnegan’s, the bar we go to after work. In my dreams.” — Kenneth

48. “When the Parcells first came to America, they lived in a town called Sexcriminalboat.” — Kenneth

49. “Looks like you got a bad case of the chew-daddies. Ozark kisses? The woodsman’s companion?” — Kenneth

50. “Miss Maroney, your Mexican diet pills came. Should I start taking them to test their side effects?” — Kenneth

Which of these 30 Rock quotes is your favorite?

As one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made, 30 Rocks won several awards including Primetime Emmy Award and Outstanding Comedy Series.

It brought laughter and a good memory to people during the heights of sitcoms on Television.

Zooming in on the characters of this series, each episode depicts a typical corporate life and various characters that resemble real-world figures.

The light and comedic delivery of conflicts in a work setting, allows the audience to connect and have fun watching.

Share these 30 Rock quotes and sayings with a friend while you browse for the next sitcom to watch. And if you’ve never watched this series, give it a try first.

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