5 Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Home renovation ideas

The home improvement market is expected to grow almost 5% through 2027.

That trend will continue in the coming years. People are improving their homes in the wake of 2020, and everyone is sharing their best DIY projects for big results.

Home improvement projects not only make your living space more desirable, but they also increase the value of your home.

Continue reading to learn how to add value to your home when there are so many projects to start.

1. Update Lighting Fixtures

Does your home have the same lighting fixtures from when you moved in?

A new set of light fixtures can enliven old rooms, impress buyers, and generally increase your home’s visual appeal. Simple interior design can dramatically increase the desirability of your home.

To take your renovation to the next level, look at other accents and fixtures to match your new lighting.

2. Replace Old Windows

Energy loss through windows accounts for 25%-30% of energy use. Replacing your old windows is one of the best home improvements because it quickly recuperates its cost.

It doesn’t only provide energy savings. New windows are also one of the most cost-effective improvements because they raise the value of your home.

For the energy-conscious, updated windows will pay dividends.

3. Switch to Solar Energy

Solar energy should be at the top of your mind if you’re wondering how to add value to your home.

Solar panels pay for themselves within 5-15 years, and you can make additional savings in revenue by selling your excess energy back to the grid.

Homebuyers know this, which is why solar energy is one of the best value-adding home renovations.

Solar installation does vary depending on the area, which is why we recommend looking into your local solar installation when making your switch to solar.

4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can take your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

Whether you are refreshing the exterior or improving an interior room, fresh paint gives you a chance to redecorate a room to its full potential.

Fresh paint is also one of the most inexpensive ways to add value to your home. Paint has one of the highest returns on your investment of any home improvements.

5. Fix Any Structural Problems

Structural problems are one of the major reasons home offers can decrease in value. The cost of structural issues decreases an appraisal of the home, and homebuyers who have a home inspected will find them.

Because of this, these improvements have a direct return on investment. You almost always get back what you put into it.

It also does not make sense to work on cosmetic changes knowing that your home’s structure needs repairs.

Sagging roofs, insects, and bowing walls are a few examples of structural repairs that will directly increase home value.

How to Add Value to Your Home: Get Creative

These are only scratching the surface of how to add value to your home. Home renovation ideas are about being creative. Unique homes are more desirable.

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