45 Kim’s Convenience Quotes to Make You Laugh

45 Kim's Convenience Quotes to Make You Laugh

Recall your childhood memories as you read these Kim’s Convenience quotes.

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian television sitcom that premiered on CBC Television in October 2016. It is based on actor Ins Choi’s 2011 play, Kim’s Convenience.

The story revolves around the Kim’s, first-generation Korean-Canadian immigrants who operate a convenience store in the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto.

Kim’s family shows very relatable themes like family, love, tradition, and diversity. It also depicts parents’ hardships and how far they are willing to go so that their children will have a better life and opportunity.

These Kim’s Convenience quotes below will bring back the fun memories you had with your family.

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Kim’s Convenience quotes by Appa

1. “Stop! Every time you gossip, you make the baby Jesus cry.”  Appa

2. “Come. We eat from our sad food group starting with cookie dough ice cream.”  Appa

3. “Mrs. Kim is very smart sneak attack. Almost best. Almost…” — Appa

4. “I put in my mouth apple cut with the blood and the garbage of murder knife?”  Appa

5. “In my funeral photo, I want to be looking successful.” — Appa

6. “Why you read this book? I’m already on page 20 and still no murder.” — Appa

7. “Super Appa go back in time and keep Super Appa mouth shut.” — Appa

8. “Maybe our happiness depends too much on our dumb kids.” — Appa

9. “Sometimes you sneak attacking s good, you don’t even know you sneak attacking.” — Appa

10. “This is a successful face.” — Appa

12. “ Marriage is hard. Being married to Mrs. Kim is the hardest thing I ever do. Very hard. Harder than store. Harder than Korea Army training.” — Appa

13. “ …and 12 egg. Yeah, I say like that. Look, if I only want 12 egg, I say “dozen.” If I want 12-dozen egg, I say “12 egg.” Easy. “Egg” means “dozen.” “Dozen” means “12 egg.” What’s you problem?” — Appa

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Umma

14. “You don’t like his beard? This is a miracle. Most Korean men, they cannot grow beard. But this land is fertile.”  Umma

15. “I want our family together but I also want a working dishwasher.” — Umma

16. “After mourning period, I move into fancy condo and upgrade to Sleep Number Bed.”  Umma

17. “I need new dress for special occasion. Janet’s wedding, Jung’s wedding, Jung’s second wedding.” — Umma

18. “Your cousin Nayoung, she very nice, but she not wear enough clothes. She, you know… Korean-style girl.” — Umma

19. “I see her on Facebook. She wear very short skirt, and high heel shoes. Make short skirt look even more short.” — Umma

20. “All I saying if she dressing like that, she going to get pregnancy.” — Umma

21. “She dress too much like a—what’s the word—slut.” — Umma

22. “This is all you fault. I don’t have to massage-kigae so bad if you don’t kick me out of bed.” — Umma

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Mr. Mehta

23. “Raj is taking me to a full-price movie. He won’t even let me sneak in our snacks. We will be purchasing them. Again, full price. The mind boggles.”  Mr. Mehta

24. “The weather! My God! It’s…everywhere.”  Mr. Mehta

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Shannon

25. “But seriously, if you’re going to steal someone’s yogurt, eat the whole thing. Don’t just tunnel down to the fruit then leave it.”  Shannon

26. “I’m closing up the store and I’m crushin’ it. Finished up the payroll and I’m crushin’ it. Probably should go home, I’m not rushin’ it. And I’m gonna get some wine, I’m lushin’ it.”  Shannon

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Gerald

27. “I even topped up the waterbed so it’s ready for your snooze cruise. Your only ports of call will be Dreamville and Slumber City.”  Gerald

28. “The coolest thing my dad ever let me do was smoke one of his cigarettes. I was five, so it’s less cool and more negligent.” — Gerald

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Jung

29. “Why pay for stuff when other people can, right?”  Jung

30. “Your hate just makes me more beautiful.”  Jung

31. “Not available in your territory? It’s a shark movie.” — Jung

32. “As long as the story is, this guy’s an ABS-olutedude. That’s a pun on the abs there.” — Jung

Kim’s Convenience quotes by Janet

33. “’Cool Christian Korean boy.’ That’s all I’ve heard my entire life. And she was engaged to a white guy.”  Janet

34. “It’s not 2016 anymore. This stuff has to stop.” — Janet

35. “Short skirts don’t make you pregnant.” — Janet

36. “If they’re cool and Christian, they’re not Korean. And if they’re cool and Korean, they’re not Christian. And if they’re cool, Christian and Korean, they’re girls.” — Janet

Kim’s Convenience quotes by other characters

37. “Holy s***, Mr. Kim, you is Bruce Lee and Jet Li all rolled into one plump Korean!”  Mr. Chin

38. “You’ve obviously never tried Velveeta. That’s a sippin’ cheese.”  Kimchee

39. “I’m not friends with any exes. When a relationship is done, that person is dead to me. I burn everything they gave me and erase them from my life.”  Chelsea

40. “It’s just funny, how we don’t eat each other’s lunches but we think we can do each other’s puzzles.” — Terence

Kim’s Convenience quotes from memorable conversations within the show

41. Janet: “I was just telling the truth!”

Umma: “I thought I raised you better than that.”

42. Mr. Kim: “Then you sell to naked picture magazine – for businessmen, huh?”

Gerald: “Who?”

Mr. Kim: “They like naked everything.”

43. Ms. Murray: “Where was your family’s journey to Canada? Where was the refugee experience?”

Janet: “My parents aren’t refugees.”

44. Janet: “My parents flew here.”

Ms. Murray: “You mean fled.”

Janet: “No, flew. Air Canada probably.”

45. Janet: “Did you just call Nayoung a slut?!”

Umma: “No! I say she dress like slut.”

46. Appa: “Do you ever think you made mistake?”

Umma: “Yes… I should have married you sooner.”

Which of these Kim’s Convenience quotes is your favorite?

This show received a lot of awards and positive reviews from critics and viewers. Some critics say that it is funny, heartfelt, authentic, and prestigious.

Unfortunately, the fifth season became the final one due to the departure of the show’s two co-creators.

Kim’s Convenience fills the gap in storytelling ー what really happens behind immigrant families, how they adapt to the new culture, and the curveball thrown to them by their children.

One can get easily hooked with every episode as it shows real-life situations in a smart, fun, and heartfelt way.

Take this time to thank your parents and remember the fun memories you have with them while browsing through these Kim’s Convenience quotes and sayings.

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