45 Fierce Cruella Quotes for Fans of the Disney Villain

45 Fierce Cruella Quotes for Fans of the Disney Villain

Look at the popular Disney villain in a new light with these Cruella quotes.

Cruella is a crime comedy film based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. It stars one of the crowd’s favorites, Emma Stone.

This film is a reboot of the film series, which focuses on the life story and character development of the iconic cartoon villain, Cruella de Vil.

This film gave a balanced story and humanized the character of Cruella, and painted her as a villain that we can empathize with.

The series of misfortunes and cruelty that Cruella experienced in her early childhood gave birth to the villain that we know of today.

These Cruella quotes will make you see life from a different perspective.

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Cruella quotes that will make you empathize with her

1. “From the very beginning I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that. But I wasn’t for everyone.” — Cruella

2. “From an early age, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else.” — Cruella

3. “How does the saying go? ‘I am woman. Hear me roar.’ Well, that wasn’t much of a thing back in 1964, but it was about to be.” — Cruella

4. “You could say I pretty much roared my way through all of primary school. Almost.” — Cruella

5. “Being a genius is one thing. Raising a genius, however, does come with its challenges.” — Cruella

6. “I had no idea where I was, or what it was. I just knew that for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged.” — Cruella

7. “There are no words. It was my fault. I had killed my mother. And in that moment, the best I could think to do was run.” — Cruella

8. “Sad story. Genius girl turns into stupid girl who gets her mother killed, and ends up alone. But a new day brings new opportunities, or at least a couple of petty thieves. Horace and Jasper.” — Cruella

9. “Horace was generally annoying. Jasper was the insightful one. Which was also annoying. And Wink was just plain friendly. Again, annoying. But they were a better option than being in jail.” — Cruella

10. “I was a fugitive.” — Cruella

11. “Granted, being a thief is not exactly a mother’s dream, but she was gone.” — Cruella

12. “Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. There’s lots more bad things coming. I promise.” — Cruella

Cruella quotes that will make your day

13. “It’s funny how those happy accidents can change the whole direction of your life. Although, looking back, “happy” may be the wrong word.” — Cruella

14. “Before I even knew it, ten years had passed. You could even say we had made a home for ourselves. We were like a family. A family that’s good at stealing stuff. Really, really good.” — Cruella

15. “But as good as things were, I felt I was meant for more in this life. That my mum would have wanted more for me. I just didn’t know what.” — Cruella

16. “That seems uncalled for. I believe that lurking underneath that starchy, half-size-too-small, bum-clencher of a suit, lies a kind man who wants to give a brilliant kid another shot.” — Cruella

17. “The Baroness said she thinks I’m something. I think that’s good. Everything’s going so well, mum. I’m really trying to be the Estella that you wanted. Mostly. It’s working. I just wish you were here to see it.” — Cruella

18. “My mother hadn’t failed dismally, I had. And I wasn’t going to fail her again.” — Cruella

19. “I’m really trying to be the Estella that you wanted, mostly. It’s working, I just wish you were here to see it.” — Cruella

20. “Wreaking havoc at galas is my personal specialty.” — Cruella

21. “Estella can’t go to the ball. I know someone who can.” — Cruella

22. “They say there are 5 stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Well I’d like to add one more. Revenge.” — Cruella

23. “Didn’t I just say hear me roar?” — Cruella

24. “Truth is I did escalate things.” — Cruella

25. “Sorry, slight tone delivery problem.” — Cruella

Cruella quotes by The Baroness

26. “You’re sweating and I can smell you.” — The Baroness

27. “It’s foolish. Unhinged. Well, you’re fired.” — The Baroness

28. “My feedback. You’re short, you’re fat, you smell like in anchovy, you’re color-blind, but you pretend you aren’t.” — The Baroness

29. “You’re a man who can’t take responsibility. Your revenues are down fifteen percent, your foot traffic by twelve and a half. Yes, I do my own research. Your store hasn’t been refurbished since the Blitz. People don’t know whether to buy a frock, or duck and cover. And most of the fund meant for refurbs are being embezzled by you, stashing them in Swiss bank account number three, two, two, five, four, seven, double six, to be precise.” — The Baroness

30. “No one is interested in what you write, my dear, just in how I look.” — The Baroness

31. “I’m intrigued and that never happens.” — The Baroness

32. “Aren’t they gorgeous? And vicious. It’s my favorite combination.” — The Baroness

33. “I always trust my instincts.” — The Baroness

34. “Master of understatement as usual.” — The Baroness

Cruella quotes by Jasper

35. “I think you should stay here, be part of our gang.” — Jasper

36. “Let’s go and ruin someone’s day.” — Jasper

Cruella quotes by other characters

37. “Clean my office, top to bottom. And when you come in tomorrow, try and remember to bring a brain.” — Gerald

38. “Ladies and gentleman, I give you the angle.” — Horace

39. “Your name’s Estella, not Cruella.” — Catherine

40. “I’m Artie, nor Art, as in ‘work of’.” — Artie

Cruella quotes from memorable conversations within the show

41. Cruella: “Wow. You look incredible.”

Artie: “I hear that all day, so I guess it’s true.”

42. Cruella: “How does that look go on the streets?”

Artie: “Some abuse, and insults, of course. But I like to say that normal is the cruelest insult of them all, and at least I never get that.”

Cruella: “I couldn’t agree more.”

43. Jasper: “Now, I might have padded out your CV a bit. As in, completely. Invented it.”

Horace: “We’ve all done it.”

Jasper: “Yeah, we’ve all done it. Everyone does it. INvented a few references. If they ask how you know Prince Charles, just just say it’s a polo thing.”

44. Young Cruella: “I wanted to be a fashion designer, not a thief.”

Young Jasper: “ You don’t got that many options. Just us.”

45. Cruella: “Maybe she just really loved her kid.”

The Baroness: “Maybe she only had one person to take care of, and she failed dismally.”

Which of these Cruella quotes is your favorite?

The rise of film reboots that shines on the other side of villains and antagonists is a huge success in connecting to general audiences.

This reminds us that life is not all about black and white, and there are always other sides of the story. Human action is always driven by logic and emotions.

In this film, we get to see the reason for Cruella’s hate for dalmatians and why she became a fashion designer. Watch this film now and experience the top-level acting of Emma Stone and how she gave life to one of the most iconic cartoon villains in history.

As always, you can get back to these Cruella quotes and sayings whenever you need to get a fierce perspective, just like Cruella.

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