3 Life Lessons I Learned From Will Smith

3 Life Lessons I Learned From Will Smith

In 2018, I was writing three books at the same time: my book, Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope; the Audible original, Love Is Not Enough; and doing research and interviews for Will’s book, Will.

It was 12-hour days, every day, for about nine months straight. I was a mess.

In the 90s, Will used to simultaneously do a film, an album, and a TV show, every year, for six straight years. So one day I asked him, “How the hell did you do it? I’m doing three books and I feel like I’m about to die over here. How’d you keep it up for so long? I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew here”

He smiled and said, “The trick is: you bite off more than you can chew… and then you still chew it. Your mind always believes it can do less than it actually can. It will tell you it’s too much, to stop, to take a break, to cancel this or that. But your mind will lie to you to keep you small.”

Today, all three books are out and successful. And I feel as though I can chew more than ever before.

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