23 Beautiful Makeup Quotes – Habit Stacker

23 Beautiful Makeup Quotes - Habit Stacker

“I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop.” – Cardi B. Here are 23 Beautiful Makeup Quotes.

Makeup Quotes

1. “But if you want to know who the scariest person in the group is, look for the one who’s been fighting zombies without smearing her eyeliner.” – Mira Grant

2. “Makeup is part of my daily routine. It’s the time in my mornings when I can concentrate on me, and me alone. Giving yourself the kind of attention is so important – and is something that is definitely glossed over by too many women.” – Kat Von D

3. “Black eyeliner. It’s standard. It’s all you need. It just makes the world a better place.” – Marilyn Manson

4. “I don’t wear makeup for others the same way I don’t decorate my house for others. This is my home and everything I do is for me.” – Amanda Lovelace

5. “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

6. “Life is short. Your lashes shouldn’t be.” – Unknown

Makeup Quotes

7. “Every woman deserves a man to ruin her lipstick, not her mascara.” – Charlotte Tilbury

8. “And who’s to say a little mascara doesn’t make you feel more confident when you pop it on and look in the mirror?” – Christina Aguilera

9. “I do put on a little makeup every day because it helps me feel put together. Mascara is essential.” – Emma Stone

10. “Thank god for Redbull and fake eyelashes.” – Jeffree Star

11. “Makeup can contribute to our success.” – Sahara Sanders

12. “To be honest I’m just winging it. My life. My eyeliner. Everything.” – Unknown

Makeup Quotes

‎13. “Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.” – Roberta Gately

14. “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” – Tyra Banks

15. “Makeup, lipstick, nail polish, high heels, sexy lingerie are all some of the tools that can help keep the portal of sensual into your relationship opened.” – Lebo Grand

16. “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel

17. “Joy is the best makeup. But a little lipstick is a close runner-up.” –  Anne Lamott

18. “Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched.” – Mindy Kaling

Makeup Quotes

19. “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God in people.” – Dita Von Teese

20. “Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” – Elizabeth Taylor

21. “The only way I’d be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home. I hope my husband would slap a little lipstick on me before he took me to the morgue.” – Dolly Parton

22. “Boys will never understand the struggle of long hair and lip gloss on a windy day.” – Unknown

23. “I believe in manicures, I believe in overdressing, I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.” – Audrey Hepburn



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