140+ Exotic Korean Names For Brilliant Baby Girls

140+ Exotic Korean Names For Brilliant Baby Girls

Last Updated on November 5, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect Korean name for your newborn daughter? Look no further! Becoming a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties, and we wish to relieve you of the task of scavenging around for the perfect Korean baby girl name.

Korea is the land of multitudes. It has a diverse culture influence by Confucian principles. To find out more about Confucianism, click here. These ancient Chinese roots have shaped Korea’s traditions and laws greatly. Korea also harbors the most distinct set of names, many of which attract parents all over the globe.

Keep reading and you will find the most organized list of Korean baby girl names. Choose your favorite category and find the ideal name for your beloved daughter with ease.

Also, if you are not familiar with how these names are pronounced, we suggest you watch this video.

Popular And Trending Korean Baby Girl Names With Meanings

These names are renowned and even non-natives can identify them. These are cherished and celebrated names because they have been derived from the amazing Korean culture and semantics. 

They also have wonderful meanings. Have a look for yourself!

  • Ahnjong

It is a beautiful family name that means tranquilizing beauty. 

  • Areum 

It is another gorgeous name that means beautiful. It also has a delicate pronunciation to it. 

  • A Young

A young is a segmented name that means ‘refined’. 

  • Ara 

Ara is a short name that describes someone good at heart and pretty by face.

  • Ae Cha

Ae Cha translates to affectionate daughter.

  • Ae Ri

It means profit and merit.

  • Bong Cha

Bong Cha translates to ‘the ultimate girl’. It is a cool name!

  • Bora 

Bora is the word used to describe the purple color.

  • Bitna 

Bitna means shining and radiant. 

  • Cho 

Cho is a common but popular name choice for many parents. It means ‘beautiful’.

  • Chin sun 

Chin sun is a righteous name that means ‘truthfulness and goodness’. 

  • Choon Hee

This nature-inspired name means ‘the girl who is born in spring’.

  • Dae 

It is a cute name that means ‘a great one’.

  • Doh 

Doh means ‘the accomplished one’.

  • Eui 

Eui is the word used to describe righteousness.

  • Eun Jung

Eun Jung means grace and affection. It is truly a beautiful name for baby girls.

  • Gi 

This short name has a mighty meaning. It means ‘the brave one’.

  • Goo 

This is one of my favorite Korean names, probably because it has such a cute pronunciation and an even more adorable meaning.

It means ‘the one who completes you’.

  • Gun 

Gun in Korean means strong.

  • Gyeong 

This is a powerful name for girls. It means ‘the respected one’.

Korean Names That Are Inspired By Mother Nature 

These exotic names will prove to be the perfect choice for those who love nature in all its glory. They have soothing pronunciations and will remind you of glistening oceans and tall trees.

  • Bada 

Bada is an exotic name that means ‘ocean’.

  • Byeol 

Byeol is a galaxy-inspired name. It means ‘star’.

  • Eunjoo 

It is a cute name for babies. It means ‘little flower’.

  • Hae 

This name has a deep-rooted meaning which is probably inspired by ancient Chinese culture. It means ‘daughter of the sea’.

  • Hae won 

This two-letter word means ‘the graceful and beautiful garden’.

  • Hanuel 

Hanuel is the word used to describe heavenly skies set alight! It is indeed an amazing name for young baby girls.

  • Haru 

It means ‘day’.

  • Ha yoon 

This name is also written as Hayoon. It means ‘sunlight’ or ‘radiance’

  • Heejin 

Heejin means ‘the precious and radiant pearl’.

  • Ho sook 

Ho sook is a crystal clear lake, free from all purities!

  • Seok 

This is a mighty name for high-spirited girls. It means ‘strong like the rock’.

  • Yuri 

Yuri is a unique but wonderful name. It means ‘crystal’.

  • Wook 

Wook translates to ‘sunrise’. It can also be taken from the perspective of ‘a new beginning’.

  • Young soon 

Young soon is also one of my favorite Korean names. It means ‘flowery mildness’. 

  • Soo Gook

Soo Gook refers to the Hydrangea flower.

  • Yon

It means the Lotus blossom.

  • Yang Gwibi

This unique name is the Korean word for ‘Poppy flowers’.

Alphabetically Sorted Korean Baby Girl Names With Meanings 

The Letter A 

  • Ailisue 

It is a unique name that means Iris.

  • Ah In 

The benevolent 

  • Areum 

The beautiful one 

The Letter B

  • Bon Hwa 

The glorious one 

  • Bongseon 

The impatient flower 

  • Bae 

Bae in Korean means inspiration

  • Baeg IIcho 

This is a rather beautiful name. It refers to the gorgeous zinnia flower.

  • Baram 

Baram in Korean means wind. This name has an exotic touch to it.

  • Bom 

Bom means spring. It is also the perfect name for baby girls born in this season!

The Letter C 

  • Chae won 

Chae won means ‘the origin’ or ‘the beginning’ of something.

  • Chan mi

Chan mi is the name used for ‘praise’

  • Chija 

Chijas are a set of lovely gardenia flowers.

  • Chul 

Chul is a strong Korean name for females. It means ‘firm’.

  • Chung cha

Chung cha in Korean translates to ‘a noble daughter’.

The Letter D

  • Da 

This short name means ‘to win’

  • Da eun 

This is a cute name for Korean baby girls and it refers to the virtue of kindness.

  • Dasom 

Dasom stands for love.

  • Deiji 

Deijis are cute and pretty daisy flowers.

The Letter E

  • Eun 

Eun describes the color ‘silver’. It is the perfect name for a girl with a shining and radiant personality.

  • Eun ae

Eun ae means gracefulness and love.

  • Eunji 

Eunji means intelligence and mercy.

  • Eun jung 

It means gracefulness and affection.

The Letter G

  • Ga eun 

Ga eun means kind and beautiful. It is a very beautiful name for cute baby girls.

  • Gyunghui 

This name means ‘respect’ and ‘honor’.

The Letter H

  • Hae 

Hae means a girl like the ocean. What a unique name with a beautiful meaning!

  • Ha neul

Ha neul refers to the glorious sky

  • Hana 

Hana means favorite

  • Hea 

It is a term used to describe a beautiful girl

  • Hei ryung 

It means grace and brightness!

  • Hyo 

The flail

  • Hyun aw

Hyun aw is a loving and pure woman 

  • Hyun ok 

A beautiful pearl

  • Hiah 

The glad one

  • Hyejin 

The intelligent one 

  • Hyeon

A girl who possesses great virtues

  • Hyo joo

Hyo joo means obedience and pity

  • Hyuk 

Hyuk means radiant 

The Letter I 

  • Iseul 

The morning dew

The Letter J

  • Jae 

It means respect

  • Jang mi 

It is a beautiful Korean name that means ‘rose’

  • Jeong 

The silent one 

  • Ji 

The wise and intellectual one 

  • Jieun 

The hidden secret

  • Joon 

The talented one 

  • Jung 

The silent and chaste one 

  • Jae hwa 

The respected and beautiful one 

  • Jee 

The wise one

  • Jin Kyong 

The truth and treasure 

The Letter K

  • Ki 

It is a strong name for females that means ‘the one who has risen’

  • Kwan 

It is a name used to describe a strong girl 

  • Kyung mi 

Honor and beauty

  • Kyung hu 

Kyung hu refers to the girl in the capital 

  • Kyung soon 

Kyung soon means honor and mildness 

  • Kaneisyeon 

It means carnation 

  • Kamou 

It means purity and love

  • Kiara 

I personally love this name because of its beautiful pronunciation. It means precious.

  • Konnie 

The steadfast one 

The Letter M

  • Mee 

The beautiful one

  • Mi cha 

A beautiful daughter

  • Mi Kyong 

Bright and beautiful

  • Mi-young 

The one blessed with everlasting beauty

  • Mihi 

Beauty and joy

  • Mishil 

A beautiful kingdom 

  • Moon 

The knowledgeable one 

  • Myung hee

The bright one 

  • Mun hee

The educated woman 

  • Myung ok 

A bright pearl

  • Minjung 

The bright and noble one

  • Min jee

The one bestowed with sharp intelligence 

  • Mindeulle 

The dandelion flower

The Letter N

  • Nari 

The lily flower

  • Nam kyu 

It refers to the South 

The Letter O

  • Ok 

The treasured one

  • Ora 


  • Oung 

The successor 

The letter P

  • Paenji 

It refers to pansies

The Letter S

  • Sae

Sae means wonderful

  • Sang hee

The benevolent and pleasant one 

  • Sarang 

It means love

  • Sena 

Sena refers to the world’s beauty

  • Seo 

It means ‘like a rock’

  • Seohyun

The auspicious and virtuous one 

  • Seong 

It means ‘finished’

  • Seung

The victorious one

  • So hee

It means white and radiant 

  • Soo A

It refers to the most gorgeous lotus flower

  • Soomin 

The clever one

  • Sora 

Sora refers to the glorious sky 

The Letter T

  • Taeyung 

Taeyung means ‘the sun’

  • Tyulib 

It refers to Tulip flowers

The Letter W

  • Whan 

The always growing one

  • Wook 

The glorious sunrise 

  • Woong 

Woong is a powerful name that means strong and magnificent 

The Letter Y

  • Yeon 

The little queen 

  • Yeona 

The girl who possesses the heart of gold. What a lovely name!

  • Yeong 


  • Young 

The valiant one

  • Young Mi

The prosperous and handsome one

  • Yumi 

A friend 

  • Yepa 

The winter princess

  • Yoon 

A consent

  • Yoora 


  • Yena 

It means peace

  • Young jae

The one blessed with eternal prosperity

  • Young soo

The forever wealthy one

  • Yun yeong 

The brave hero 

The FAQ Section

1. What Are The Most Common Korean Girl Names For 2021?

  • Seo jun
  • Do yun
  • Ha joon 
  • A young 
  • Cho 
  • Dae

2. What Are Some Good Korean Baby Girl Names?

  • Ae cha 
  • Aera
  • Aeri 
  • Mi 
  • Jae 
  • Nari 
  • Kiara 
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