130+ Strong And Masculine Russian Names For Baby Boys

130+ Strong And Masculine Russian Names For Baby Boys

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

Welcome to Russia. The largest country in the world by area! Russian culture has been enriched by world-class artists and its language that is vast as its area. If you have Russian roots or are simply inspired by its culture, you would want to bestow your baby boy a Russian name.

And you have come to the right place.

We have sorted out the perfect list of Russian names for your beloved son. These easy-to-access lists are hassle-free so you will be able to find an ideal name for your child in no time.

Russian language may prove to be unfriendly on the tongue for non-native speakers. That is because there is a bit of a mix-up when it comes to the alphabets. Instead of ‘j’, you would be using the letter ‘y’. For example, Julia would be pronounced Yulia. The same goes for the exchange between ‘v’ and ‘b’ where Benjamin is pronounced as Venyamin.

But no worries, we have got you covered. Just have a look at this video here and you will easily pick up the pronunciations.

Popular Russian Boy Names With Meanings 

These Russian names are easily picked up by people from almost all regions of the world. They are fairly popular. Some of these are even used in famous movies. 

1. Aleksander 

This name comes from the famous conqueror ‘Alexander the great’. It means ‘the defender of men’. 

Despite being a common name, it stands as the most celebrated and opted choice for all parents.

2. Ivan 

This name would ring a bell for those who have watched Sylvester Stallone’s award-winning movie series ‘Rocky’. 

Ivan was a famous king of Russia. 

3. Daniel 

Daniel is a spiritual Russian name. It means ‘God is my judge’.

4. Dmitriy 

Another spiritual name that means ‘the one who is dedicated to Demeter’.

5. Andrei 

Andrei is a masculine name. It means ‘strong and manly’.

6. Igor 

Igor means ‘farm labororer’ or ‘the warrior of peace’. It has a flavorful but easy pronunciation to it which is why this name is a common choice for Americans.

7. Nikita 

This name may also be used for girls. It means ‘victor’.

8. Alexei 

This is a derivative of the name ‘Aleksander’.

9. Matvey 

A spiritual name that means ‘the gift of God’.

10. Vladmir 

We all have heard of Vladmir Putin. Vladmir means ‘great power’, which makes sense in Putin’s case!

11. Yaroslav 

This radiant name means ‘the glory of the sun’.

12. Fedor 

It is a spiritual name that means ‘God’s gift’.

13. George 

George means farm laborer. 

14. Leo 

Leo means lion. I find this name very cool!

15. Nikolay 

Nikolay means ‘victory of the people’.

16. Stepan 

Stepan stands for ‘the crown’. This name has a rather royal touch to it.

17. Vladislav 

It means ‘famous’.

18. Pavel 

Pavel means small.

19. Arseny 

This is a robust name. It means ‘strong’.

20. Timur

Timur means iron.

Alphabetically Sorted Russian Boy Names With Meanings

The Letter A 

  • Adamka 

It means son of the red earth

  • Adrik 


  • Akim 

It is a spiritual name that means ‘God will establish’

  • Alyosha 

The one who helps people

  • Anatol 

From the East-rising sun

  • Antek 


  • Armen 

Armen is a soldier

  • Artyom 

Artyom means ‘safe’. This name has a comforting meaning.

  • Arkadi

Coming from ‘Arcadia;

  • Artemi 

It means ‘wholesome’

  • Andrusha 

The Russian version of Andrew

  • Anton 

The Russian version of Antonius

  • Artur

The Russian version of Arthur 

The Letter B

  • Baran 

The male sheep

  • Benedikt 

The blessed one 

  • Bogdan 

A spiritual name that means ‘God has rendered’

  • Boris 

It means ‘fighter’

  • Borya 

This name also means ‘fighter’

The Letter D

  • Damir 

It means ‘to give peace’ and is yet again another comforting name

  • Demyan 

It means ‘to tame’

  • Dima 

A strong fighter is known as Dima

  • Dominik 

Belonging to the God

The Letter E

  • Ermolai 

A heap of stones

  • Evgeni 

A noble aristocrat

The Letter F

  • Feliks

The happy and fortunate one

  • Feofan


  • Fyodor 

The gift of God

  • Fadeyka 

The brave one

  • Feddei 

A peaceful ruler 

  • Ferapont 

The servant 

  • Filip 

Russian version of the name ‘Philip’

  • Foma 

The twin 

The Letter G

  • Gennady 

The noble and generous one

  • Grigor 

Someone who is a vigilant watchman. It can also be viewed in the perspective of a protector.

  • Grisha 

The watchful one 

The Letter H

  • Hedeon 

The one who cuts down

The Letter I

  • Ignati 

This name comes from ‘ignition’. It means ‘fire’ and is a very cool name!

  • Ilya 

The Lord is my God

  • Ira 

The watchful one

  • Ivanovich 

The son of Ivan

  • Iov 

God will establish

  • Ilari 

The cheerful one

The Letter K

  • Karlin 


  • Kazimir 

The keeper of peace

  • Kesar

The long-haired one

  • Kir 

The far-sighted one

  • Kliment 

Full of mercy

  • Kolya

The victorious people

  • Konstantine

The one who remains constant 

  • Kuzma 

It stands for ‘harmony’

  • Karol 

The strong one

  • Karp 

A carp fisherman

The Letter L

  • Leonid 

The lion or the strength of a lion

  • Lev 

The heart of a lion

  • Ludis 

A famous warrior

  • Luka 

The one who brings light

  • Leonti 

The lion 

  • Lyonya 

The lion 

The letter M

  • Makari 

The blessed one 

  • Marat 

The desired one 

  • Marek 


  • Mir 

The world 

  • Maks 

The great one

  • Mishka 

The cute one 

The Letter N

  • Natan 

The given 

  • Naum 


  • Nikodem 

Victory of the people 

The Letter O

  • Oleg 

The sacred one

  • Olezka 

The saint 

  • Oriel 

The golden one or ‘the Eagle’

The Letter P

  • Perun 

The thunder

  • Pyotr 

A stone or rock 

  • Platon 


The Letter R 

  • Rodion 

The song of the heroes 

  • Rodon 

The one who is famous in the land 

  • Ruslan 

The lion 

  • Ryurik 

A famous ruler 

  • Robert 

The bright one

  • Rudolf 

The wolf

  • Rurik 

The ruler 

The Letter S

  • Samvel

The Russian version of Samuel

  • Semyon 

God has heard

  • Serafim 

The fiery one 

  • Sergi 

The attendant 

  • Slava 

An individual who has gathered fame 

  • Stanislav

The one to achieve glory and fame

  • Stas 

Military glory 

  • Sevastyan 

The Russian version of Sebastian

  • Spartak 

Coming from ‘Spartacus’

The Letter T

  • Timka 

Honoring God

  • Tamryn 

The palm tree

The Letter V

  • Vadim 

A powerful ruler

  • Valentin 

Strength and health

  • Venyamin

The son of the South

  • Vero 

The true hero

  • Viktor 

The conqueror and victorious

  • Vlad 

Glorious rule

  • Volya

The free will

  • Vova 

The ruler of the world

  • Vsevolod

The ruler of all

  • Vyacheslav 

The greater glory

  • Vasyl 

The royal one

  • Vaughn

The royal one

The Letter W

  • Waylan 

The exotic one

The Letter Y

  • Yakov 

The supplanter

  • Yaromir 

The man of peace

  • Yevgeni 

The noble one

  • Yulian 

The youthful one

  • Yefim 


  • Yuma 

The son of the chief

The Letter Z 

  • Zinov

The life of Zeus

The FAQ Section

1. What Is The Most Common Russian Male Name In The World?

Alexander or Aleksander

2. What Are Some Common Russian Male Names?

  • Mikhail
  • Maxim
  • Artyom
  • Mark 
  • Ivan
  • Lev
  • Dmitryie
  • Daniil
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