13 Unique Tooth Fairy Note Ideas That Every Kid Will Love

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022

Parenthood is one of life’s most demanding jobs. The fact that no baby comes with a manual makes the monumental task of parenting even more challenging.

However, there are certain unwritten rules on how to raise your son or daughter to become a useful member of society. There are also unspoken rules on how you can comfort your cute little ones during their lowest moments in life, such as when they’ve just lost their teeth.

Losing a tooth, whether naturally or via a dental procedure, can be unbearable for most kids. That’s especially true for children going through this experience for the first time in their life.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can uplift your child and help them cope with the major ordeal of tooth loss. One way is by sending them a heartfelt Tooth Fairy note.

What Is A Tooth Fairy?

A Tooth Fairy refers to a fantasy figure for children that’s particularly famous in the western and western-influenced cultures. The story is believed to have originated from a French fairy tale, in which a mouse with a mission of defeating an evil king changed into a fairy and hid under the king’s pillow so he could knock out all the ruler’s teeth.

According to the folklore surrounding the Tooth Fairy, whenever a child loses their baby teeth, this mythical figure visits them in the night when the child is asleep. The Tooth Fairy then exchanges the lost tooth (which is traditionally tucked under the pillow) for a small gift, payment, or letter.

The Tooth Fairy fantasy story is intended to help kids bear the physical and mental trauma associated with tooth loss. It not only makes the ordeal seem natural but also rewarding.

As the Tooth Fairy story is pure fantasy, different parents have come up with various depictions of what the fairy looks like. There are also varying stories on what the Tooth Fairy does with the collected teeth, as well as the kinds of presents and letters they leave under a child’s pillow.

For parents whose kids are about to lose their baby teeth, finding the right word combinations to put in a Tooth Fairy note may not be a walk in the park. Fortunately, there are several tips you can implement to draft a heartfelt Tooth Fairy note for your little one.

13 Fairy Tooth Note Ideas

1. Choose the Template Wisely

There are several questions to settle while choosing a Tooth Fairy template.

They include;

a) How old is your child?

Baby teeth generally begin to fall off at the age of 6 years and continue until a child is 12 years old. Note that the ideal presents for 6-year-olds may not necessarily appeal to 12-year-old kids.

b) Is this their first tooth loss?

Losing a tooth for the first time can be traumatizing. Which makes it all the more necessary to exercise due diligence when choosing a Tooth Fairy template. Standard practice is to tailor your Tooth Fairy note to your kid depending on whether this is their first tooth loss or not.

c) How does your child feel about losing their teeth?

Tooth loss can be terrifying for some kids. To others, it may be a delightful experience. Understanding how your child feels can go a long way in helping you draft a customized Tooth Fairy note to them.

d) How timely is your Tooth Fairy note?

Tooth Fairy notes should preferably be sent out on the very night your kid loses their teeth. However, there could be occasions when you’re a bit late with the letter. In such instances, it’s best to include some excuses in the note.

e) Does your child still have the tooth?

Ideally, the Tooth Fairy can only leave presents if he finds the lost tooth still tucked underneath the pillow. But sometimes, it could happen that your child misplaces their teeth before the fairy can pay them a visit. As a parent, it’s important to reassure your child that the fairy will still visit them anyway.

f) How’s your child’s overall dental hygiene?

Kids should continually be challenged to practice better dental hygiene. So, remember to use the note to restate the significance of regular brushing and flossing.

2. Make It Simple But Realistic

Tooth Fairy notes should preferably be handwritten, not printed. Just ensure that your child doesn’t recognize your handwriting.

3. Choose a Unique Paper

In the spirit of disguising your handwriting, it’s also recommended to choose a piece of paper that your child is unfamiliar with.

The whole idea is to make the Tooth Fairy note unique and special.

4. Personalize It

A proper Tooth Fairy note should have your kid’s name written on it. That way, the child will be thrilled to know that the fairy addressed the note specifically to them.

You can also include other specific details about the child or their tooth-losing process, such as how their tooth wiggled before coming off.

5. Be Imaginative

Spice up a Tooth Fairy letter by mentioning current events that might be of significance to your child. If their birthday is coming up, mention it and reassure them that things will be well.

Or, if there has been a big storm sweeping across the neighborhood that might have prevented the fairy from getting there in time, mention that too.

6. Mention Something About Good Oral/Dental Hygiene

Reiterating the importance of brushing and flossing in a Tooth Fairy note is an excellent way to promote healthy oral and dental hygiene.

7. Say Something About What the Fairy Plans to Do With the Tooth

To your kid, a lost tooth might seem useless. But the Tooth Fairy may have amazing plans on how to use the tooth to their advantage.

8. Be Consistent

It’s best to send Tooth Fairy notes and letters throughout the year and not just make it a one-off experience.

Pay particular attention to the times when your child is about to lose a tooth or when their dental hygiene is deteriorating.

9. Add Some Evidence

A Tooth Fairy visit doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Not when you can make it more glamorous by sprinkling glitter or confetti where the fairy may have been. The magic fairy dust left behind will surely mesmerize your child.

Better yet, you can come up with photo evidence of the Tooth Fairy. To go about that, use photo editing software to superimpose the image of an actual fairy onto a photo of your sleeping child.

10. Leave a Tooth Fairy Certificate

A Tooth Fairy certificate can help your child keep track of the healthy oral habits mentioned in the Tooth Fairy note.

You can print out an actual certificate or a receipt that captures personal details, including the child’s name, age, and the date the fairy visited them.

11. Leave a Present

This is so very important. In addition to the Tooth Fairy note, also slip a few dollar bills or coins underneath the child’s pillow.

Other presents you might consider include a small toy, a new toothbrush, a book, a piece of jewelry, or a flower.

12. Encourage Feedback

Encourage your child to write a reply letter to the Tooth Fairy. After writing the letter, have them slip it underneath their pillow and hopefully wait for the ‘fairy’ to pick it up.

13. Make Up Excuses If The Fairy Doesn’t Come

The Tooth Fairy may fail to show up for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t have the time to draft a thoughtful Tooth Fairy note or didn’t have the money to buy your kid a present.

Well, there’s no need to fret, as there are tons of excuses you can make for the fairy not showing up.

Examples include;

• The fairy was busy visiting other kids who had also lost their teeth
• A massive storm or flood prevented the fairy from making it to your house
• The fairy got lost on the way as you recently moved houses
• The fairy is on vacation

Tooth Fairy Note Samples

Writing notes

Sample – 1

The Tooth Fairy
321 Sparkle Street
The Enameled Palace
Kingdom of Wisdom (Teeth)
Sweet Sierra
Under Her Pillow
Somerville, MA XOXOX
Dear Sierra,
Congratulations on losing your FIRST tooth. It’s a gem!
You were very brave yesterday. I have been waiting and waiting–just like you! I am so full of joy that I did a few extra twirls in the air as I flew to your house from The Enameled Palace.
Each time you lose a tooth, I will leave a little treat for you under your pillow. Enjoy!
Remember to brush and floss every day. And don’t eat too many sweets because they aren’t good for your teeth. Besides, you are sweet enough already!
I look forward to next time. Tell your sister, Taylor, I say hello!
Your Tooth Fairy

Sample – 2

Congratulations! You lost your first tooth! And what a great tooth it is! I think it’s one of the best in my collection. I can tell that you’ve been doing a good job brushing.
Because you’ve done such a good job taking care of your teeth, I left you a little something under your pillow in place of your tooth. I hope you like it. I’ll be back again when you lose another tooth!
Keep up the good brushing!
The Tooth Fairy


Sending out a heartfelt Tooth Fairy note is an effective way to help your child go through the ordeal of tooth loss. It also helps to give your little ones lasting memories.

We hope you can implement the above-mentioned Tooth Fairy note ideas the next time your kid loses their teeth.

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