125+ Exquisite And Graceful Italian Girl Names

125+ Exquisite And Graceful Italian Girl Names

Last Updated on November 5, 2021

Italy is the land of rich Roman culture. Its exotic cuisines and exquisite art inspires people from all over the globe to pay at least one visit. Italy is the heart and soul of the Modern Renaissance. With so much to hold, parents get inspired to bestow their beloved daughters with stylish yet graceful Italian names.

If you are searching for Italian names for your sweet baby girl, then you have come to the right place. We will be guiding you through a thorough yet concise list of Italian names for baby girls that will get you excited.

For your convenience, we have sorted these names out in easy and accessible categories so that you can scroll through and pick your favorite name without wasting any time. 

P.s: If you wish to get acquainted with the pronunciations of Italian baby girl names, we would suggest you watch this video here

Popular Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings 

These names are widely renowned and celebrated because of their illustrious meanings and delicate pronunciations. Non-natives may also be familiar with most, if not all the names in this list. 

Almost everyone is familiar with this name, probably because of the infamous English singer and songwriter Adele Adkins.

Adele means noble and kind. It is a graceful name for small beauties!

Alessa is a gorgeous name. It means ‘the defender of mankind’.

This is a very common but loved name. Bella means ‘beautiful’, just like the name itself.

Bianca is a very radiant name. It means ‘white and pure’.

Carina is a cute name for little ones. It means ‘little beloved one’.

Bria means lively and fresh!

Chiara is a delicate name. It means the clear light.

It means ‘shining light’.

Anna means ‘timeless’. It is one of the classical Italian names that hold great grace and beauty.

Rosa means rose, as the name suggests. Perfect for a baby girl with a flowery personality and rosy cheeks. 

As the name suggests, Angela means angelic.

It is the female version of the male name ‘Giovanni’.

Martina is a very popular name. It is the female version of the name ‘Martino’.

The name Vittoria arises from victory. It is a strong name for strong females!

This name is used for someone strong in battle.

It means ‘earth’.

Camila is a wonderful name that means ‘young religious servant’.

Ludovica means ‘famous in war’. It is a mighty name for high-spirited girls.

It is used to describe a pious lady.

This is a gorgeous name that means ‘to tie firmly’. 

Emma is a very famous name. Everyone knows the wise and gorgeous actress Emma Watson. 

Emma means ‘universal’ and is a glorified name for girls.

Unique And Impressive Italian Baby Girl Names

If you wish to step out of the box and opt for names that may sound a tad bit foreign to the lot, then here’s your go-to list! We have compiled the most beautiful and unique names for your newborn.

Antonella refers to ‘daughter of anthony’

Aria is a beautiful name that means ‘Air’. It has an elegant and soothing vibe to it.

It means ‘the father of multitudes’

Aida means happy and cheery. It is a cute name for petite girls.

Andrea is the perfect name for alpha females. It means mighty and strong!

Carlotta has a beautiful pronunciation to it. It also means strong and mighty.

Donna is a gorgeous and feminine name that means ‘lady’.

This is the Italian version of the name ‘Elizabeth’. Its unique pronunciation gives it an intriguing vibe.

Felice means lucky. 

Gemma is a precious stone and is the perfect name for precious baby girls.

Giulia means ‘youthful’. It is a rather unique name with an even more unique pronunciation!

Alphabetically Sorted Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings 

The Letter A

It means chaste

To increase

It means dawn


It is also written as Amaranta. It means ‘to fade’

It means ‘love of God’

It means ‘bright and famous’

It means ‘pure’ or ‘virginal’

The Letter B

It means traveler or voyager 

Bruna means ‘protection’

The hat maker

The Letter C

It means heavenly skies


It means ‘woman’

It means famous 

It means glory and is a strong name for girls

Concetta comes from ‘conceptions’

It means steadfast

The Letter D

The beloved one

It means ‘given’

The dewy-eyed one

The Letter E

The war

The healthy one 

Elvia is descriptive of the honey or golden color

The home ruler 

The serious one 

The one who is ardently desired by everyone 

It means shining or amber 

The Letter F 

It is a cute name that means ‘bean’

An intricate name that means ‘craftsman’

The auspicious or lucky one 

It means good luck and fortune 

It is a strong name that means ‘a daring journey’

The little flame 

Strength or force

The fiery one 

A flower

Fio comes from flower and Alba means dawn

The yellow-haired girl

The flourishing one 

The Letter G

The climbing plant 

The hyacinth 

It means jade

Value and sacrifice 

The happy and cheery one 

The graceful one 

The watchful one 


The Letter H

It is a respectable name that means ‘the honorable woman’.

The Letter I 

The happy and cheerful one 


The universal battle

The ice battle 

The Letter J


The supplanter

Coming from the male name ‘Jacob’

The Letter L

The laurel tree

The bay laurel

The soft-spoken one

It is a fierce name that means ‘Leonarda’

This gorgeous name means joy and happiness


Favor and grace

The free one

The envious one 



The Letter M

The wonderful one

This is the perfect name for alpha females. It means ‘war-like’

Of the sea

It means ‘approved’

It means ‘mine’

From Milan

The Letter N

It means nymph

A little girl 

Diminutive of ‘Nora’

It means young, new, and novel.

The Letter O

The waves

The dawn

The farmer 

To be born eighth 

The Letter P


This is a cute name for baby girls. It means ‘small’

The enduring and forbearing one

The rock

The Letter R

From Rome

The great white rose

The graceful one

The noted protector

A city in Italy

This is yet another powerful and might name for girls. It means ‘a strong ruler’.

It means ‘deep brook’

The Letter S

It means ‘the new house’. It can also be taken from the perspective of ‘new beginnings’.

The sacred one

The ardent one

The shade of orange-red

The wise one

The Letter T

To be born third 

To reap

To harvest 

It means ‘God’s gift’

The Letter V

The Italian city

The truth


Arising from the valley 

The Letter Z

It means ‘girl’

The FAQ Section

1. What Are Popular Italian Girl Names?

  • Emma 
  • Ginerva 
  • Greta 
  • Aurora
  • Alice
  • Adele 
  • Bella 
  • Bianca 

2. What Are Some Beautiful Italian Girl Names?

  • Rosetta 
  • Paola 
  • Raimona 
  • Sofia 
  • Valea 
  • Luna 
  • Anete
  • Celeste 

3. What Are Some Unique Italian Girl Names?

  • Amalfi 
  • Roma 
  • Felice 
  • Gemma 
  • Sicily
  • Petronilla 
  • Diletta 
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