110 Popular Japanese Names for Boys

110 Popular Japanese Names for Boys

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

With a new son on the way, you probably want to choose a name that is not just beautiful but also honors him in some way. This is why Japanese names are so special. Across the centuries, a newborn’s name was carefully chosen to reflect the culture, history, meaning, and even the hopes of the parents. A beautiful bonus is the ability to write your child’s name in kanji characters.

Nature Names

Japan is home to stunning nature scenes. From lanes of cherry trees to misty mountains, one can see why so many Japanese names are drawn from the natural world. If you also have a green soul, then these baby names should be at the top of your list.


Westerners are often surprised to discover just how many Japanese names mean “tree” or refer to a specific type of tree. But once again, Japan has a love affair with trees (think about all those bonsais) and the islands also have stunning forests filled with both trees and bamboo.

  • Itsuki Tree.
  • Kazuki The peaceful tree.
  • Naoki A straight tree.
  • Taiki A great, big, tree.
  • Aoki Blue tree.
  • Kaede Maple tree.
  • Suzuki Bell tree.
  • Hayashi Forest.
  • Mori Forest.
  • Takeuchi Within bamboo.


Japanese names for boys also include flowers, which might come as another surprise to western parents. However, as you will see, the most popular flower names for sons are as strong as they are beautiful.

  • Botan Peony.
  • Ren Lotus.
  • Shion Aster.

Earth, Water, and Sky

Outdoors parents love naming their children after certain locations, the ocean and the sky. But if you want something other than the English “Sky” or “River,” then you can perhaps consider these elemental Japanese names.

  • Daichi Earth.
  • Fuji A reference to the iconic Japanese mountain.
  • Riku Land.
  • Mizu Water.
  • Enyo High sea, the open sea or blue water.
  • Kaito Ocean or sea.
  • Minato Harbor.
  • Sora The sky.
  • Raiden Thunder (also the name of the Japanese god of thunder and lightning).

A Sunny Child

Imbue your son’s name with the warmth and energy of the sun. Here are the best Japanese names brimming with solar power.

  • San The sun.
  • Asahi Sunlight.
  • Daiki Shining.
  • Hikari Light.
  • Akio Bright.
  • Hinata Moving towards the sun.

A Fiery Child

If you suspect that your kid might inherit your spunk (or temper), then here are the best Japanese names for fiery kids.

  • Hi A flame or blaze.
  • Faia A fire.
  • Kazan A fiery volcano.
  • Hotaru Firefly.

Other Nature Bits and Bobs

  • Asa The morning.
  • Eita Crystal.
  • Habiki Echo.
  • Haru Spring.
  • Hayate The sudden sound of the wind.
  • Soma The sudden sound of the wind.
  • Sota The sudden sound of the wind or big.
  • Itachi A weasel.
  • Hoshi A star.
  • Kei Gemstone (it can also mean intelligent).
  • Minoru To bear fruit.
  • Oda A small rice paddy.
  • Ringo An apple.
  • Kyo An apricot.

Strong and Glorious Names

Japanese boy names have plenty to offer in this department. If you prefer a more earthly and powerful name for your new son, then here are the most popular power names from Japan.

  • Hideo An excellent male child.
  • Hiroto Big.
  • Isamu Brave.
  • Junichiro He who takes.
  • Kaneko The golden child.
  • Katashi Hard and firm.
  • Katsu A victory.
  • Katsuo Also victory but the name can also mean “hero.”
  • Kenji Strong.
  • Ken Healthy and strong.
  • Kenichi The strong and healthy one.
  • Masashi Ambition.
  • Mei Dark.
  • Daku Dark.
  • Osamu Discipline and logic, rule or reign, to study.
  • Reo Vigorous or flourishing.
  • Rin Cold or severe, dignified.
  • Touma Iron.
  • Genkei To be honored.

Great Personality Attributes

Do you wish for your son to be wise, kind or smart? These Japanese names bless boys with heartfelt emotions, skills and personality traits.

  • Akira Wisdom
  • Chimon The gate of wisdom.
  • Fumihito Compassion and writing.
  • Shin Genuine or true.
  • Kiyoshi Pure, purity.
  • Jun Pure and simple.
  • Junpei Pure and peaceful.
  • Benjiro The one who enjoys peace.
  • Sana Calm.
  • Chikao Clever.
  • Daisuke Great help.
  • Hiroshi Generous.
  • Giichi Justice.
  • Keisuke Save.
  • Kento Cure for sadness.
  • Kota Happiness.
  • Mako Sincerity.
  • Kenzo Humble and modest.
  • Kenshin Humble and modest.
  • Shun Talented or fast.
  • Takumi A skilful artist.
  • Takashi Prosperous and noble.

Names with a Fantasy Ring

If you love the unusual world of fantasy, you can merge the two loves of your life this amazing genre and your little boy by giving him a name worthy of an anime character.

  • Ayumu Walking dream.
  • Enmei A bright circle.
  • Gengi Two beginnings.
  • Goku Aware of emptiness.
  • Haruto Flying.
  • Kurai Gloomy.
  • Masami To become beautiful.
  • Nori Rites and ceremonies.
  • Ronin A wanderer or drifter.
  • Shinobu Stealthy or having to endure.
  • Yamato Great harmony.

Just the Boy

Some Japanese names are traditionally given to specific sons, based on the order in which they were born. If you would like to use this ancient tradition to name your first, second or third son, then this section is for you!

  • Ichiro The first son, begin.
  • Jiro The second son, next.
  • Saburo The third son, bright.
  • Goro The sixth son, enlightened.
  • Kuro The ninth son.
  • Juro The tenth son.

More Random Gems

Ending our list, of the best 110 names from Japan, are a few names that do not fit into the main categories. However, each one of them is still a gorgeous option to consider for your new son.

  • Kane A bell.
  • Haruka Distant or remote.
  • Shiori Lithe and bending.
  • Sho To fly or soar, a prize or reward.
  • Souta Suddenly.
  • Susumu To advance or make progress.

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