10 Life Aha Moment Examples & Their Insights

10 Life Aha Moment Examples & Their Insights

I have been blessed with many aha moments in my life. I look at aha moments as gifts from God—that He loves me enough to show me things clearly and if I accept them, my life will have positive results.

The ten ‘aha moments’ I am going to share with you today not only resulted in positive changes in my life, but they have resulted in a very freeing spirit and a life with very minimal stress. I hope they will help you have the same feeling when you apply them to your life.

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1. You don’t have to please everyone

And let’s be real, you can’t.

Someone is always going to disagree with what you believe, what you say, what you do—so you might as well stop trying to please others and focus on what is best for you. I’m not talking about being defiant and argumentative—I’m talking about deciding based on what you think other people are going to think.

I am from the south, and this is a tremendous problem in that area of the country. I know people who do things simply because they don’t want someone to think badly about them.

People are going to judge you—they are going to have opinions without having all the facts. You need to let that go. Do what works for you and if someone doesn’t agree, it is their problem.

They made a judgement they had no right to make. You need to simply do what works for you, your life and what is going to bring you the life that God has called you to have. Nothing else matters.

2. You can live your authentic life

The same goes for pleasing everyone.

We all have a different calling, unique gifts, and a distinct purpose. You must live the life that you are meant to live. When I went to college, I didn’t major in what I wanted—I majored in what my parents wanted. Therefore, I never had a genuine passion in any of my jobs… until I had this revelation.

When I did, I found my passion and went after it a 1000%. I have never been happier, and I now I use my gifts and serve people every day. My parents meant well—they wanted me to have a “steady” career that paid well. But I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t living my authentic life. And this showed up in every area of my life—my relationships, my career, my spiritual life, my finances.

When I had this ‘aha moment’, however, I started figuring out what I wanted. It felt like God called me for and my life changed forever. There is only one you. Find you and live your life—even if people don’t understand.

3. Live within your means

This seems obvious, but so many people don’t, and I was one of those people.

The thing I didn’t put together was that if I didn’t live within my means, I would have no money to save. I thought because I paid my monthly bills; I was good.

Learning to live within my means, and honestly, below my means, allowed me the money I needed to get out of $200,000 in debt. Eventually, I reached financial freedom. Don’t just live paycheck to paycheck—live below your means so you can have what you need when you need it.

4. Realize God is in control

If you are a Christian, odds are you know this, but do you really know it? God has control of our lives even when we don’t listen. He allows things to happen in order to get our attention and when it doesn’t; we have to deal with the consequences.

My insight was not just realizing that God was in control—I have known that principal my whole life. But accepting that God was in control, that He knew how to run my life better than I did, and releasing that control to Him in all situations. Accepting that even if I didn’t get my way, it was God’s way and was the best way—even if I couldn’t see it right away.

5. Understand decisions have consequences

Every decision you make—big or small—has a consequence; good or bad. Realizing this helped me to think about the consequences before I decided.

Slowing down and taking the time to really look at the good and bad of a decision will help you make better decisions, even if they aren’t always what you want.

I had to say ‘no’ to many things that I wanted because I knew that decision would bring me negative consequences. Look at the complete picture and know the results before deciding. It will change your life.

6. Look to the bible, not only church

I have learned to live my life based on what God’s word says. For me, I had to step away from the church (not God) in order to fully understand this. I’m not suggesting that everyone does this; however, study God’s word and know what it says.

Don’t just believe what a pastor or teacher is telling you. I have a weekly podcast for my ministry, Lovell Ministries, and even though I am a Bible teacher, I highly encourage everyone to study what we are talking about, consider what I am saying and look to God for the answers. Seek His wisdom—don’t just park yourself in a pew every week and think that’s enough.

7. Pay attention

So many times, we go off course simply because we aren’t paying attention. Whether it is your finances, your relationships, or your career—when you don’t pay attention to what is happening, you are missing vital intel and information that will help you make better decisions.

When we don’t pay attention, we lose control of the situation. Take the time to pay attention in every area and you will be the better for it.

8. Throw out your excuse bag

We all have an excuse bag—that bag we carry around as to why nothing is our fault. There is always a reason ‘it’s not us’. It is much easier to think, it’s them. Well, I hate to tell you—it’s you.

It may not be you directly, but a decision you are making is driving your circumstances. It may simply be the decision to talk negatively about a situation. I stopped making excuses. I learned to own my part and release the rest to God to control.

I can control myself, but I can’t control anyone else. So, I do my part and God handles the rest. Stop making excuses, be true to yourself, and watch things change positively.

9. Know that wealth is Biblical

You may wonder why I shared this one. I shared it because so many people want you to be ashamed if you have financial success.

Deuteronomy 8:18 says that “God gives us all the ability to obtain wealth.” If you live your life God’s way, give Him control and make godly decisions, you will prosper—in your career, your finances, your relationships and your health.

Make sure your heart is in the right place. Obey God and watch where He will take you. You will be amazed.

10. Realize your past doesn’t define you

Based on my past, I should be in a homeless shelter, broke and ashamed. But I’m not. This is because my past decisions didn’t define my present.

I learned from my past; I cleaned up my past and now God takes my mess and makes it His message. He can do the same for you. I want to say it one more time—your past doesn’t define you—God does.

What ‘aha moments’ have you experienced?

I hope you have received hope and encouragement from my aha moments. These are all life lessons that I learned that helped me to move forward and have an outstanding, godly life every day no matter what my circumstances are, and I hope the same for you!

Do you have any aha moments you’d like to share with us? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about them.

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