10 Inspiring Ted Talks By Kids That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Last Updated on November 10, 2021

Ted Talks have been trending since the 1990s. It is an American media organization that houses the slogan ‘ideas worth spreading’. Ted Talks went viral after brilliant speakers started sharing their valuable thoughts and experiences under the spotlight. 

Today, their global innings have attracted a large plethora of viewers. Their audience is always hungry and waiting for the next TedTalk. And we’re about to introduce you to some revolutionary TedTalks your children can watch.

Introducing them to TedTalks from an early age will help them have a platform they can derive inspiration from. Not only will they harbor motivation to do well in their academics, but also come up with innovative ideas that could make them end up on the honored TedTalk podium one day!

These TedTalks are full of cerebrally novel children and adults who deserve to be heard. What they’ve achieved in such a timid age is highly commendable.

Here’s a Ted Talk with speaker April Qu that will get your child reading books at a young age!

1. Adora Svitak on ‘What Adults Can Learn From Kids’

Svitak is an American writer and works for Wikimedia as a communication associate. She was 12 years old when she gave her TedTalk amidst a large audience. She believes that children should not be associated with irrational behavior. The word ‘childish’ offends her because she has so many examples of ‘children’ who imparted society and scientific fields so much to cherish.

In her talk, Svitak argued about the ignorant actions of adults that barred children from acknowledging and testing their potential. 

This is one TedTalk that every child should watch so that they realize that age is just a number and they don’t have to wait to grow up in order to make an impact in society. Change starts NOW!

Today, Sviktak is praised for her writings and contributions. And it all started with a TedTalk!


2. Maryam Elassar On ‘Diversity, Inclusion, And Lessons In Friendship’

This third grader left the audience in awe when she went on stage. Elassar, at a timid age, engaged everyone around her by emphasizing the power of kindness. She spoke on how kindness is an under-rated morality. By its active introduction into society, we could achieve tolerance and love. She despises and negates racism, the root cause of all divisions and sects. 

Elsassar believes that the smallest act of kindness creates a ripple effect that flourishes gardens of friendship and love. In her TedTalk, she suggests the idea of passing on affable quotes or warm compliments every now and then to erase hatred and encourage unity instead. She wishes to see the people in this world as a unanimous body that stands for one another and appreciates diversity. She further added that despite having differences in creed, race, and color, we could all live in peace and harmony by the power of kindness.

You should prompt your child to comprehend Elassar’s TedTalk so that this vicious bullying cycle can end and we can appreciate one another for who they are, not for who they aren’t!

3. Jack Andraka On ‘A Promising Test For Pancreatic Cancer’

Ideas lead to innovations and innovations… well let’s just say that they’re game-changing. They are portals that add the ‘revolution’ to every era. And that’s exactly what Jack came up with, an idea that went innovative!

At the young age of 16, this boy put forth a commendable model that could lead to more accessible and convenient testing for pancreatic cancer.

Today, Jack is 24 years old and a scientist by profession. He won an award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair back in 2012. He is passionate about bringing forth revolutionary ideas and is an avid cancer researcher. 

This TedTalk shows that every invention starts with an idea and they should not be taken for granted.

4. William Kamkwaba on ‘How I Harnessed The Wind’

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Kamkwaba found himself in distress due to the lack of electricity in his rural area in Malawi. He was only 14 years old at that time, but he was determined to prove himself.

He created a wind turbine to harness the wind which aided the functioning of multiple electrical appliances at his home. I was flabbergasted to find out that Kamkwaba did not have any fancy equipment; he only used his bicycle, blue gum trees, and a couple of raw materials sourced from a local scrapyard!

Thus proving that execution of ideas does not need expensive gear or dazzling accessories, all you need is a sharp mind!

Today, William is known as an inventor and engineer. He is 34 years old and an author of a lovely autobiography ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope’.


5. Shane Koyczan on ‘To This Day… For The Bullied And Beautiful’

Bullying is a horrible act. It traumatizes the one who is victim to it and manifests fears within them. The sin of the bully and the pain of the bullied are two notions underestimated greatly. 

But adding a tinge of humor to such a situation does wonders and that is exactly what Koyczan did. In his TedTalk, he addresses bullying concerns by presenting to the audience a well-written poem. Tangibility to humor and spirits was kept in perfect balance during his speech and everyone happened to relate to him. Koyczan was a victim of bullying in his early school days and his poem honors his past experience.

If your child deals with bullying, you should definitely suggest this TedTalk to him/her. Alternatively, teachers in classrooms could initiate an anti-bullying ‘butterfly effect’ by introducing such TedTalks to their students.

6. Beatrice Coron on ‘Stories Cut From Paper’

Is your child artistic? Does he or she love to illustrate and breathe their thoughts into life? Then this is the perfect TedTalk for them to watch. 

Beatrice Conor is a gifted artist and she loves to tell stories. However, her method of storytelling is a bit unorthodox. She cuts pieces of paper and arranges them in an order that depicts a tale! There are so many layers to her stories that rely on her ingenious and intricate paperwork. Sometimes all it takes to execute a concept is the birth of an idea, albeit simple.

Conor in this TedTalk introduces the audience to her brainstorming technique and ideas. She also acquaints the audience with her paper skill. This TedTalk could help children execute some fine art projects at school.

7. Simone Giertz on ‘Why You Should Make Useless Things’

Something is better than nothing, right? 

This era is dominated by technology. Children these days are seen glued to the screens of electronic devices of all shapes and sizes. Too much screen time can dull their creativity. So what could be a better way to engage them than motivating them to innovate something? Anything!

This is the message that Giertz tries to impart to the audience. Rather than letting your child sit idle and engage in non-productive activities, it’s better to encourage them to create or invent something of their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s useless, at least they are putting their brains to use!

8. Beau Lotto And Amy O’Toole on ‘Science Is For Everyone, Kids Included’

How many children do you know who have a published research paper to their name? The thought of it is just astounding, right?

Young Amy and Beau Lotto brought a wonderful message on stage. They believe that science does not need to be associated with age. 12-year-old Amy enrolled herself in a science program led by Beau Lotto and helped him run experiments. This was her first-ever science project and sparked in her a dire passion for scientific studies. 

Soon later, she found her name in a peer-reviewed journal. This TedTalk is living proof that the sky is the limit for success and age is just a number!

9. David Gallo on ‘Underwater Astonishments’

There’s so much to this world and its magnificent creatures. David Gallo presents his findings on remarkable and somewhat miraculous underwater creatures. This TedTalk is a great introduction to the science that goes deep underwater.

Children often get intrigued by underwater creatures having sharp teeth and unusual shapes. But not many parents can get them hooked on researching and discovering more about them, but Gallo does a wonderful job at gaining the attention of the audience with his concise words and breathtaking findings on underwater creatures.

This is a fine TedTalk to get your child hooked on aquatic creatures. 

10. AnnMarie Thomas on ‘Hands-on Science With Squishy Circuits’

We’re calling out all aspiring engineers and mini-scientists!

Does your child love fiddling with playdough? AnnMarie has got the perfect job for him/her. In her TedTalk, she teaches a great way of creating circuits by using homemade playdough! This is a great way to get your child on the path to becoming the ultimate tech-savvy!

AnnMarie Thomas is a mechanical engineer by profession and holds the position of a Professor at the Opus College of Business in Saint Thomas University.

The FAQ Section

Can anyone do a TedTalk?

You can either get nominated by a reference to present a TedTalk or approach TED yourself. After evaluating your idea, they would update you on their decision of approval.

Why is it called a TED talk?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and was founded in 1984.

Do you get paid for TedTalks?

Speakers are not paid for TedTalks but their accommodation and travel costs are covered by the TED organization.

Who invented TedTalks?

Harry Marks and Richard Saul Wurman.

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